Topic: “What is the most creative aspect of this magazine?”   _________________________________________________________________________________ The most creative aspect hands down would be the exciting visuals provided throughout the online magazine. The main visual outlet for Planet Magazine would be stunning photography and on some occasions, video. The photography is taken more from an artistic point of view, […]


Topic: “What kind of advertising is in the online or mobile magazine? Does it bring in revenue from more than display ads? Explain. Is there a division between advertising and editorial or is the “magazine” merely a marketing tool? How does it affect its credibility?” ______________________________________________________________________________________ There seems to be no advertising in the traditional […]

Topic: “Who owns the online-only or mobile magazine? Is it part of a larger company? Was it once the website of a print magazine? Are there plans to publish a print version of the online-only or mobile magazine? What do reputable sources in the industry say about your magazine?” ______________________________________________________________________________________ On the masthead of Planet […]

Topic: “How does your online-only or mobile magazine create a sense of community? How can you tell it is successful? Is the online magazine free or does it charge for all or part of it’s content? If it is free, do you have to give up your email address for the privilege of viewing it? […]

“What is the audience for your magazine? Find demographics in media kit. What is the stated mission of the online-only or mobile magazine? (If you already have addressed mission in question 1, elaborate.) Do you see evidence of the mission being carried out or would you describe the mission statement is merely ‘spin.’ Explain.” _________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

Topic given: “How does your online-only magazine use social media tools – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs?” __________________________________________________________________________________________ Currently, Planet Magazine utilizes Twitter and Facebook as social media outlets. It’s Facebook has about one thousand or so likes, so I would say the audience is still relatively small. The same goes for it’s Twitter. […]

Topic: “Choose a story from your magazine that uses multiple sources. Analyze the story based on the quality of sources, the lead, structure, links and feature writing techniques. How does the story make good use of online website, e-book or app format? If there are no multi source stories, describe the kind of stories you […]

Topic Given: “Explain why this meets the textbook’s definition of a magazine (minus the requirement that it be printed and bound). Does the magazine have reported multi source stories? If the stories have no sources, explain why within the context of the magazine’s mission.” _____________________________________________________________________________ Well, I don’t have the book with me currently, so […]